Our Goals

Serving Families in Brooklyn

Currently in East New York and soon in Bedford-Stuyvesant at

Holy Ghost Tabernacle Church
1592 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Download the SWP Expansion Flyer to share our mission in completing this project by June 2019!

Donations may be made via mail, PayPal, or our website.

Our Plans…

  • An inviting homebase for our organization
  • An additional Food Pantry
  • A dance studio equipped with desks, lockers, mirrors, ballet bars, stage lighting, a surround sound system, & a chalkboard wall
  • A mural wall
  • A rooftop garden & outdoor seating area
  • A computer lab to learn valuable skills, conduct research, apply to college/jobs, & complete assignments
  • A washing & drying machine
  • A free community library, clothing, & food box
  • After-schools programs

What needs to happen…

  • Raise 100,000+ dollars
  • Filing of correct paperwork for current violations and future permits ($60,000+)
  • Hiring of professional engineers & contractors
  • Complete gutting of the building
  • Correction of structural damage
  • Professional removal of asbestos
  • Installation of new plumbing, heating, electrical wires, etc.
  • Complete renovation and furnishing of all rooms inside and outside the building
  • Acquisition of necessary materials to furnish the new location

What we need…

  • Volunteers with Professional Experience
  • Safety Gear & First Aid Kits
  • Power tools & tool kits
  • Hardware, Adhesives, etc.
  • Lumber, Metal, Cement, etc.
  • Electrical Supplies
  • Plumbing & Heating Supplies
  • Paint & Painting Supplies
  • Windows, Doors, Flooring
  • Engineered Structural Materials
  • Siding & Trim Materials
  • Over $100,000 of monetary donations via mail or our website

The Church

Funds Raised


The Team

Susie Williams

President & Founder

Victoria Preis

PR/Marketing & Development Coordinator

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