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Our Mission

Our mission at Sisters with Purpose is to empower women and their families by providing resources that will help them develop necessary skills to become engaged community participants. This mission is furthered through the various programs such as food pantries, back to school fairs, and toy drives.

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Founded in 2010

Sisters With purpose, Inc. is a non-profit, community-based organization that works to provide cultural enrichment and leadership training to enhance the quality of life for children, youth and families in some of East New York, Brooklyn‘s most devastated neighborhoods. The emphasis of our work is to rebuild the very fabric of community life. Our organization has developed a comprehensive network of community involvement including youth, parents, and community residents, representatives of churches tenant associations, block associations, the business community, school and other persons with an interest in the welfare of the children. The organization is serving community district #5, in East New York, Brooklyn, and an area with a population of approximately 182,896 – 41% of which families live below the poverty level.

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Community Support

Many students living in low socio-economic areas face serious challenges within their schools and communities. Issues such as, high dropout rates, teen pregnancy, juvenile felony arrests, gang violence, lack of resources have a great impact on children and the youth. The community continues to experience significant homelessness, drug traffic and crime. Increasing numbers of children are being placed in foster care, and we find that support services for individual families cover a wide range of problems, all of which undermine family stability and the potential for self- sufficiency. Given this context, it is not surprising that many school systems in the community are not prepared to address the needs of increasingly complex issues. Therefore, the purpose of Sisters with purpose Inc. is to provide a programmatic presence in the District 5 community that serve children and families, where we offer cultural enrichment and community leadership training to our participants.


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